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Republic of Moldova
Health Services and Social Assistance Project
Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family
Consulting Services for Performing the Functional Review of the Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family
Credit No. 4320-MD
Project ID No. 095250
The Republic of Moldova has receivedfinancing from the World Bank toward the cost of the Health Services and Social Assistance Project, and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consultant services. The services include the review of the functional and organisational structure of the Ministry of Labour, Social Protection and Family (MoLSPF) so as to reflect the reform agenda and to establish enough human and institutional capacity for monitoring and evaluation of the Ajutor Social program, as well as for further enhancing the provision of integrated social services.
Moving forward, the challenges of transforming the Ajutor Social program into the Government’s flagship social program include:
(a) scaling up the Ajutor Social and consolidating other benefits; and
(b) strengthening and mainstreaming the management of the Ajutor Social program into the ministry’s regular structure.
Additional reform plans include integrating the overall social safety net system around the platform provided by the expansion of targeted Ajutor Social Program. In particular, the reform plan is to freeze and then cancel nominative compensations in 2012 for all categories except World War II veterans, Afghanistan war veterans, and Chernobyl victims.
The upcoming WB-financed Results-Based Financing project envisages a significant institutional strengthening of the MoLSPF to shift from a pilot, donor-funded, and consultant-driven implementation model, to a mainstreamed Government-led program that is fully implemented within the MoLSPF institutional structure. This requires a mainstreaming and strengthening of processes and systems for client intake, registration, payments, oversight and controls, monitoring and communications across the core institutional structures of the Government’s system (at the central ministry and local levels).
It is expected that Functional Review will cover the entire MoLSPF, all departments and functions; however, the major focus should be placed on the IT Department, Department in charge for Ajutor Social program, and Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Department.
The core functions to be revisited in this functional review are, but not limited to the following:
-          Policy functions (strategic planning, legal drafting, development of standards and norms).
-          Coordination, supervision and performance monitoring functions (performance of studies, monitoring, evaluation and forecasting).
-          Regulatory functions (licensing, certification, accreditation, inspection, compliance and financial audit).
-          Service delivery functions (provision of services or products to different customers directly by the central agencies or by sub-contractors or sub-national agencies, e.g for different social policies beneficiaries)
-          Support functions – financial management, human resources, information systems, audit, secretarial unit
This functional review is aimed at assessing the core functions of the MoLSPF and at making recommendations on how to improve internal organization of the MoLSPF, ministerial functions and allocation of tasks among staff, and staff skill-mix, in order to achieve national programs and social assistance reforms. The review should lead to improved processes, streamlined procedures, reinvigorated policy reform initiatives, and better coordination across government agencies responsible for social protection, across MoLSPF units, and between central and local levels.
The deliverables of the assignment are:
  • Methodology of the functional review agreed with the MoLSPF in coordination with the State Chancellery – within 10 days from the commencement of the consultancy;
  • Work Plan of the functional review developed and agreed with the MoLSPF – within one month from the commencement of the consultancy. The expected commencement date for the consultancy is August 1, 2011.
  • Interim functional analysis reports (in English and Romanian languages) – by September 15, 2011;
  •  Final report of the functional analysis (including decision-making process) (in English and Romanian languages) – by October 31, 2011.
  • Solid experience in conducting functional and policy reviews or similar consultancy for high-level central administration bodies, ministries and government agencies, with a requirement for implementation of min. 3 projects in review and capacity building of public authorities;
  • Proven capacity for managing large-scale, multi-disciplinary projects involving the delivery of local and international expertise across sectors;
  • Practical experience of strengthening institutional and human resource capacity at national and local levels;
  • Proven backstopping capacity and a reputation for delivering projects on time and in full compliance with stated TORs.
The assignment requires involvement of a pool of key experts with relevant international experience. The selected key experts should hold a solid and diversified experience in their specific field of expertise, including experience in policy advice to government agencies, monitoring and evaluation, and Human Resource performance assessment practices. 
The assignment requires involvement of the following experts:

Key Expert 1 (Team Leader):
Design plan to build capacity and optimize organization structure
Key expert 2:
Social assistance/ social protection expert
Key expert 3:
Human resources/ capacity building expert
Key expert 4:
Information technology/ capacity building Expert

The Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family now invites eligible consulting companies to express their interest in the provision of the requested services. Interested consulting companies must provide information indicating that they are qualified and experienced to perform the services ( description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consulting company may associate to enhance qualifications.
A consulting company will be selected in accordance with the procedures set out in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Selection and Employment of Consultants by World Bank Borrowers (current edition).
Interested consulting companies may obtain further information at the address below during office hours from 9.00 to 17.00 Chisinau time.
Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by July 18th, 2011.
Ministry of Labor, Social Protection and Family, 5th floor, room no.501
Attn: Serghei Merjan, Procurement Consultant
Vasile Alecsandri Street, #1,
ZIP Code: MD-2009, City: Chisinau; Republic of Moldova
Tel:(+373) 22 269 331
Fax: (+373) 22 269 310

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